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Do you want to find out how popular a website is?

SitePopularity is a link popularity checker that analyzes any number of websites for the most important ranking criterias such as Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Dmoz listing, Domain Authority, Google Plus One votes and links from other websites.

Quality results
SitePopularity supports checking of an unlimited number of websites and uses the largest search engines and services such as Google, Alexa, Opensiteexplorer and Bing to only get you reliable quality results.

Track your websites popularity over time
In version 4.0 and later you can now manage different projects in SitePopularity. This means that each time that you check your websites for rank and backlinks the results will be automatically saved to the current project. You can then compare previous runs to see how your websites ranking have changed over time.

See the changes in your websites popularity

Professional functions
The program supports several advanced features such as URL extraction which extracts all of the links from an URL that you have added to the list. Our "Safesearch" function will make sure that you will not get blocked by the search engines that you use, this is especially useful if you have a lot of sites to check. And for the experts there is of course support for HTTP proxies as well.

Advanced, yet easy to use
SitePopularity is a sophisticated software program with many advanced features, yet it's very easy to handle. This makes it an excellent link popularity tool for both beginners and professionals. Results can be exported as standard text documents or as HTML reports. If your computer has Internet access then you are ready to use SitePopularity to measure link popularity.

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Some of the functions included are...

Analyze ANY number of websites for link popularity

Create projects

View and compare results
Up to 100 simultaneous connections
Safe searching
Google Pagerank
Traffic rank in Alexa

Compete rank

Listing in Dmoz
Google Plus One
Alexa linking in (backlinks)
Bing backlinks
Import URL's
Import lists
Extract links from websites
Save based on ranking criterias
Save results as Text or HTML
And much more...

Free Shareware limitations
The free Shareware version checks no more than 5 websites per session and allows you to create a maximum of 2 projects. Buy the full version to instantly remove these limits and to get free support and updates for the program.

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Version 4.31 (Jan 1 2015)
Try out the free version today Instantly gives you a registered copy
Full version benefits

Check an unlimited number of websites

Create an unlimited number of projects

Free updates
Free support
Lifetime license

All of those features will be available to you if you purchase a copy today!

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"The user interface is extremely easy to navigate. Large, self-explanatory command buttons reside at the top of the window, and URLs are listed in the main window, along with their ranking among such ranking sites as Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank..."

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